Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Scholarship Offer Has to Be Coming

Well, Ashley played another really good game yesterday, scoring 2 baskets, grabbing 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and committing 2 fouls. A full day's work. She's a little Tasmanian devil out there and other parents even starting commenting to us about how hard she plays.

I can promise you, she is nothing like this off the basketball court. Sweetest child on the planet. On the court, the ball belongs to her. This is more Mary genes, I think. This is exactly how her mom played ball in high school and into college before she blew out he knees (yes, knees)-- tough, scrappy, and physical. Seeing Ashley NOT shy away from contact is new stuff. In soccer she was not like this at ALL. But in basketball she will get on the floor for a loose ball in a heartbeat.

The genes she got from me?

She likes to shoot.

A lot.

Watching the games can be frustrating because the coaches really have no idea what they are doing. It's all good - these guys are giving up their time to these kids so I would never, ever say a word about their lack of basketball knowledge. But when you tell the kids that during a free throw that you can't go into the paint to box out for a rebound until the ball hits the rim...well...

Suffice to say we're going to coach next season.

So in the first half they had Ashley running point and calling one of their two plays. Plays that never work because it just confuses the kids and they have kids setting picks all in a mass in the lane. It's this massive logjam. The result? We had 4 points at halftime.

In the 2nd half the coaches told Ashley to just "go" and stop with the playcalling.

The result was Ashley scored 4 points, took about 10 shots, and no one else on the team saw much of the ball unless it was off a missed shot. I think the final score was 18-12.

After the 7th shot Mary looks at me and says, "She gets that ball hogging from you."

"Yeah, but mine go in."


Clearly scoring her first basket last week and two more this week has sparked something in her. So we have to work on the whole "pass when 3 guys are on you" thing. She'll get there.


Kevin said...

Uh, Bill, most leagues play by high school rules, which are that you can't come into the lane on a foul shot until the ball hits the rim.

bill abner said...

Not in this league...

bill abner said...

I should add to that -- the youth league plays by various "house" rules.

The FT rule being one of them. Players may enter the lane after a shot attempt and not a rim touch, teams can only press at the end of each half, no zones, no defense pick ups until the 3 point line, etc.

Last practice the asst coach instutched the post players to basically push a defender out of the way when posting up, in efefct teaching them to hook the defender.

Trust me when I tell you -- it's a fiasco.

Kevin said...


Now you understand why I coach! I even starting coaching soccer years ago, because I knew that I could learn the game and give my kids a better experience than what they were getting. It's great that volunteers have their hearts in the right place (not all- some just want their kid to be the "star"), but that has to be balanced with the kids getting something out of the activity beyond a participation trophy. They need to learn something.