Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worth Reading

If you're looking for a solid and balanced viewpoint on ME2 (yet still favorable), check out the Ars Technica review. It's 100% spoiler free and very little I could argue with, although they do give the planet scanning mini-game an undeserved free pass.

Here's a snippet:

Mass Effect 2 is a reworking of the original game. It throws out much of the RPG trappings, keeps what worked, and streamlines the experience for a much more action-oriented package, all while keeping the depth and heart of the first game. This is something you'll only truly appreciate after playing the first game and seeing how the threads are woven together. The games are very different, and Bioware made a brave choice in approaching Mass Effect 2 in this way. Many fans will be upset, but after giving it a few hours you'll be able to see why the game is such a success.

This is a must-buy, and the only thing we know for sure about the third game in the trilogy is that we have no clue what we should expect. Bioware is chasing a vision, and it won't let things as silly as genre tropes or expected gameplay elements get in the way of telling their story, their way.