Sunday, January 31, 2010

Board, Basketball, and Podcasts

We recorded the first gameshark podcast last week and it should hopefully be live early this week. I'll keep you posted. Todd had a lot of editing to do as we had some technical issues recording on Skype.

But overall it went well for our first go round.

Ashley had a basketball game yesterday and her team got mauled 22-7. They grow these girls big out in the country. It seems like every week we play a team with a 4th grader who is pushing 5'8. And I'm not exaggerating.

Did I mention that I can't wait to coach next year? After the game our coach laid into our girls about not playing good defense when we have yet to have ONE practice that taught these 3rd/4th graders exactly HOW to play defense. Not one. It's like yelling at a kid for failing a multiplication test when they have only been taught addition and subtraction. It's crazy. Our practices consist of shooting layups and boxing out invisible defenders.

So, I got Runewars in the mail last week, Fantasy Flight's new $100 big box boardgame. No one is paying $100 for it as online retailers know that won't fly, but it IS a big game.

I've read the rules and ran a quick solo run of a few turns (seasons in this game) and I think it's very interesting and we're playing it this afternoon at a friend's house. It looks like a very good 4 player 3-4 hour war/fantasy game. Sort of like if Twilight Imperium and Warrior Knights had a child and RuneBound was its crazy uncle.