Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is Michigan Back?

I must say that I am happy for a little college football sunshine in Todd's life. The man needs it.

Michigan played its best game in years yesterday, with a QB that runs the West Virginian's offense to the letter. What an amazing game by Robinson.

I have thus revised my prediction from a 5-7 season for UM to 7-5. I have no idea if 7-5 saves the man's job, but I do see 7 wins on that schedule. (UCONN, ND, UMASS, IU, BGU, Illinois, Purdue)

I think with Tater Tot playing UM may very well lose that game vs UCONN, and I think they beat ND Saturday, I really do. And hope they do.

The issue?

Robinson is going to get killed, eventually. I hate offenses like this because physiology tells you that if a kid takes THAT many shots something is going to eventually give. He got nicked up yesterday and as the season rolls on that's only going to get worse -- and *everything* hinges on this guy for Michigan to succeed. Even if he's not "injured" will this be the same guy in week 7 as in week 1? The grind of the Big10 is brutal, and Robinson doesn't have Slaton/Devine to take the pressure off. And the defenses in the Big10 are better than what WVU faced in the Big East.

I still think that defense sucks. UCONN failed to take advantage of plays that better teams will not miss out on -- UM matches up extremely well with a team like that. UM started 4-0 last year, too, so before you start punching Rose Bowl tickets I would advise some caution. But I am a firm believer that the Big10 is better when Michigan and OSU are both elite level teams, so congrats to UM for getting out of the gate.

A question: Was RichRod playing cat and mouse by not declaring Robinson the starter earlier? Or is the guy that poor of an evaluator? What took so long to give this kid the keys?


Jayhawker said...

And in one fell swoop Kansas football is back, too! :-(

Jim Schmaltz said...

I am a Michigan fan, always have been. Great win Saturday and Robinson was spectacular. Stil, this team has big problems, mostly on defense. Any team with a good passing game is going to eat them alive: the secondary is green and the pass rush is not going to be able to compensate for it.

The offense looked great against UConn but any team that can take away the run is going to win big against UM. And UM has no clear stud running back to rely on either.

I look for Notre Dame to win next weekend. You have no idea how much I hate to type that. My 2 favorite teams are Michigan and whoever is playing Notre Dame.

I expect 6-7 wins this year for UM. Whether or not that saves RichRod's job is anyone's guess. I would say it will probably take 8 wins, 7 if they beat Ohio State.