Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NCAA Basketball 10 Q&A

I have a Q&A in the works on EA's college hoops game -- let me know if you want me to ask a specific question.


Jayhawker said...

While I am hoping that the gameplay is going to be solid and fun, all I really want to know is how roster sharing will work.

It's hard enough to narrow down the players by numbers on the teams I follow. But sports games need ways to look at rosters and stats with names attached.

College Hoops 2K8 had roster sharing down nearly perfect. I like that I can count on some dedicated fans to spread edited rosters that not only name players, but edit attributes and even gets the depth charts right.

But I'd like to share rosters over Live.

Sarah said...

How is the recruiting done this year? Are there diamond in the rough freshman? One and done freshmen?

Are awards/trophies saved throughout the dynasty for players and teams?

Can you look back in a dynasty and see previous teams and players?

Can you make your own schedule in the season?

That's all i got for now, thanks!

Jay said...

Key issue: If you are in say a UNC dynasty, can you play the big UCLA v. Kansas matchup? In other words, can you play any game on the schedule in your dynasty even if your team is not involved?

Are dynasty stats realistic?

Jeff said...

Weak question, but it's important to me...are the cameras like they are in Live 10 this year? I thought EA did a great job of fixing the (IMO) poor cameras from their hoops games in Live 10 this year and hope they made their way into MM10.

PB said...

In game saves?

Joshua said...

Are rosters based off Blue Ribbon and what improvements have been made over last years roster fiasco?

How does NCAA 10's dynasty mode differ or compare to what 2k did with College Hoops 2k8?

What Title Updates or Patches can we expect or any DLC in the future?

With so little information so far is this years version preparing for a delay?

Joshua said...