Friday, November 30, 2007

Inauguration Day

Hi, folks. Welcome to The Nut and the Feisty Weasel, the new home of a nutjob Buckeye (Bill) and a deranged fan of the Wolverines (Todd).

If you're reading this, you've probably been a long time reader of Bill's stuff, be it from his longtime blogging at Blog for the Sports Gamer, at the former Computer Games Magazine, Gamespy, or his current stomping grounds at Gameshark. If you haven't read Bill before, you're in for a treat. Never before has someone gotten so much mileage out of airing grievances about games.

If you read the Blog for the Sports Gamer a year or so ago, or pay a disturbing amount of attention to the bylines at Gameshark, you may just have heard of me in a vague recollection sort of way. But if you haven't, you're forgiven. I'm an editor for the Que and Sams Publishing imprints (computer books) of Pearson Education and, over the years, I've done my share of freelance game writing (at a bunch of places that no longer exist). I'm generally the quiet guy everyone's worried will go postal one day. And if Michigan's recent record against Ohio State doesn't start improving that day may be coming faster than anyone thought.

So what's with the new blog? Well, Bill and I have been friends since we covered the 1997 E3 together, so at this point we're not totally unlike hetero lifemates Jay and Silent Bob. The jury's probably out on which of us is which, though. Anyway, after a nice year-long break from blogging I was starting to feel the itch to complain and moan publicly again, so we decided to give this new blog a go with the idea being for it to be a place where we can wax poetic about whatever is striking our fancy on any given day.

Going forward, expect posts about all manner of topics, ranging from the usual geek stuff (video and board games, comics, etc.) to sports, to television and film.

With that said, I hope that if you've found your way here that you'll find something you like. We'll try our best to keep things updated regularly and make our taking up your valuable time worthwhile.